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● residence information

Vacant house bank

It is an agency service site of the vacant house in Kyonan town. Intermediaries such as actual contract negotiations are done by the residential land and building traders in the town that signed an agreement with the town.,,ja,→ For details,,ja,Click,,ja,→ A dedicated site for the Kyonan Town Uchiya Bank,,ja,● Housing related support,,ja,Housing acquisition encouragement,,ja
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We issue incentive money within the budget to those who acquire new housing with the intention to settle in Kyonan Town.,,ja,Housing reform subsidy,,ja,We use company of Kyonan town and support a part of remodeling expense within the budget for person performing house remodeling construction to live.,,ja
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Seismic wooden house diagnostic fee subsidy

We grant subsidy within the budget for person performing earthquake-resistant diagnosis of wooden house which oneself owns for the purpose of planning improvement of earthquake resistance of wooden house with high risk such as collapse for earthquake.,,ja,Small size merger septic tank for home,,ja
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We issue subsidy within the budget for expense required for setting of septic tank to prevent water pollution of public waters area by miscellaneous waste water.,,ja,Energy saving equipment for housing,,ja

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For regional warming measure promotion in home, we issue subsidy to one installing energy saving facility for house.,,ja,● Child-related support,,ja,The guidebook of sawing Minami-machi child care guide →,,ja,Child care open space event plan (2019) →,,ja,The freeing of kindergarten childcare charges,,ja
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Early childhood education is an important part of cultivating the foundation of lifelong personality formation. In Kyonan town, the children of the town,,ja,In order to secure the early childhood education of our people, people who have an address in the area of ​​Kyounancho from April 2020,,ja


We make kindergarten nursery school charges of all the kindergarten children present in Tachi Kindergarten free. (Course and teaching materials,,ja,The expenses will be paid as usual. ),,ja,Hello Work Internet Service →,,ja




● For work

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※ Please search in Kanto and Chiba prefectures on this site, fill in the sawing town (or the name of your working locality) in the work place and execute with the enter key.,,ja,● Introduction of lifestyle,,ja,UIJ Turn →,,ja,● Activities of the Kyonan town area raising cooperation team,,ja,Face book →,,ja




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Instagram →,,ja,Country life blog (area revitalization cooperation team blog) →,,ja,● We will visit Kyonan Town.,,ja,Tourist site → For details,,ja,Tourist brochure,,jaClick hereをクリック




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