Message from the Mayor

Environment surrounding municipalities are changing the imagination than we, in addition to the Japan economy remain uncertain, and a rapidly declining birth rate and an aging population decline, large, such as the acceleration of the diversification of rapid computerization and internationalization advances, some problems of globalization, national values, financial reform, deregulation and decentralization reflect such changes and will be and must be more diverse issues faced by municipalities is complex, and, good paving the area in exactly the time had arrived. Based on such a social background, [energetic "Kyon what '] of symbiosis community planning and guiding principles for realization, and people of the townspeople total live, utilizing the characteristics and promote participatory town, with a town along powers residents between the townspeople and administrative worked OK, OK, visited will continue making dance and good for three star's hometown.

Awa-gun, Chiba Kyonan-machi Mayor Harukazu Shiraishi