♨ laughs Rakunoyu has been switched to a natural hot spring!

◎ laughs Rakunoyu is now hot spring. ♨

Izumi qualitySodium - chloride cold mineral springs (hypertonic-weak alkaline and cold mineral spring)Is.

IndicationsChronic gynecological and child frail-disease chronic skin burns or cuts,Is.

It is a day of municipal hot spring. Please use it by all means. We are looking forward to welcoming staff everyone. !


Hours (Closed)

  • 9:00 to 16:00 (Closed: Every Monday, the day after the national holiday, December 28-January 4)

Bath time

  • Forenoon 10:00 ~ afternoon 3:30 (weekdays)
  • Forenoon 10:00 ~ afternoon 5:30 (soil Sundays wish memorial day)

Bath fee

  • Neighborhood residents ( adults 300 yen, children 150 yen )
  • Out of town residents ( adults 500 yen, children 250 Yen )
  • * Out of town, children under 6 free of


In your car From Tokyo, Chiba district State Road 127 line を Tateyama areas saw between へ Saku South-cho intersection left turn signal を expands, Okuyama aspects へ approximately 4.4km From highway Museum Hill "saw South Toyama IC" を drop ri, intersection left turn signal を expands approximately 2.8km
On the train JR Awa line the room alight Katsuyama Station Town bus(Red bus)Ni travel expands, Saku small off before 2 minutes on foot (300 yen circulation bus fare adults, children 150 yen)※ I can get off free circulation bus
By Highway bus High-speed bus in the "Rape-issue", Highway Oasis wealth Rakusato get off from Tokyo Station Yaesu South Exit

Contact us

  • Address: Chiba Prefecture Awa-gun saw Minamicho on 66 Sakuma(MAP)
  • TEL :0470-55-8830