Opening a disaster relief account,,ja,Until March 31, 2,,ja

In Konancho, we opened a reception account for donations from everyone in order to support those affected by Typhoon No.15.,,ja,We are looking for donations to help those affected by the disaster in the town. Thank you for your warm support.,,ja,From September 17 to 1931,,ja,[Reception Account],,ja,Japan Post Bank,,ja,Account number 00190-3-791836,,ja,Account name: Kyonanmachi Disaster Relief Fund (Kyonan Machi Sai Gaikin),,ja,・ Please tell the financial institution that the transfer fee is exempted for donations.,,ja,(Depending on the ATM, net bank, and some financial institutions, a transfer fee may be charged.),,ja,・ Subject to tax incentives.,,ja,Since it falls under “Donation to a national or local government”, it can be proved with a receipt or a copy of this website and a copy at the time of transfer.,,ja,・ If you need a receipt, please include your address and name.,,ja,About establishment of disaster contribution account,,ja






口座番号 00190-3-791836
口座名義 鋸南町災害義援金(キョナンマチサイガイギエンキン)


・ Please tell Japan Post Bank and the post office that the transfer fee is exempted for the donation.,,ja,(If you use an ATM, net bank, or other financial institution, a transfer fee will be charged.),,ja




銀行名 ゆうちょ銀行

金融機関コード 9900

店番 019

店名 〇一九店(ゼロイチキュウ店)

口座番号 0791836(当座)


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