Announcement of recruitment of Kunan Town Hall staff (health nurse),,ja,Details are as follows.,,ja,◇ Recruitment schedule,,ja,Linghe April 1, 2,,zh-CN,◇ Recruiters,,ja,Hygienist posts,,zh-TW,◇ Eligibility,,ja,Those who have the qualification of a public health nurse or those who are expected to acquire the qualification by March 31, 2,,ja





  • 令和2年4月1日


  • 保健師職 若干名


  • 昭和55年4月2日以降に生まれたもので、
  • 保健師の資格を有するもの又は令和2年3月31日までに資格取得見込みのもの
  • And you have a normal car driving license,,ja,◇ Propose books,,zh-TW,①CV (with photo attached), ②Health nurse license,,ja,◇ Where and how to submit documents,,ja,Please bring to Konancho government office general affairs planning section or submit by mail.,,ja,(In the case of mailing, it is valid until postmark on December 27),,ja,◇ Application acceptance period,,ja


  • ①履歴書(写真を添付したもの)、②保健師免許証


  • 鋸南町役場総務企画課へ持参又は郵送により提出ください
  • (郵送の場合は2月28日の消印まで有効)


  • 2月18日(火)~2月28日(金)


  • 面接試験による


  • 令和2年3月上旬~3月中旬を予定


  • 給与:町給与条例による
  • 休暇:年次有給休暇・特別休暇の制度あり


  • 〒299-2192
  • Kyonan, Chiba, Chiba Prefecture Awa-gun under Sakuma 3458 Street
  • 鋸南町役場 総務企画課 総務管理室
  • 電話:0470-55-4801
  • Reception hours: 8: 30-17: 15 (excluding weekends),ja
  • 2020(H32)/02/17   15:30
  • Health promotion room health welfare section,,zh-TW,We are looking for sawan-machi visiting nursing station staff (nurse),,ja