We hold healthy lecture "why are you scared when blood pressure is high? Effect of hypertension on brain, heart and kidney",,ja,Guidance of healthy lecture,,ja,Why are you scared when your blood pressure is high?,,ja,Effects of hypertension on brain, heart and kidney,,ja



高血圧症が及ぼす 脳・心臓・腎臓への影響

Hypertension, if left unattended, causes blood vessel damage, suddenly causing stroke, myocardial infarction, and kidney disease.,,ja,I can prevent it!,,ja,This time, the representative director of Japan Society for Chronic Disease Severity Prevention,,ja,Professor Hiyama Aiyama,,ja,I will give a lecture.,,ja,Date:,,ja



日時:Order and December 8th (Day) 13:30~15:30,,zh-CN,Central Public Hall, 2nd floor lecture room,,ja,If you wish to participate, please apply by Monday, December 2nd.,,ja,,,ja

場所:中央公民館 2階講座室



Regional Comprehensive Support Center (Telephone 0470-50-1172, FAX 0470-55-4148),,ja,Profile of Professor Hirai Aiyama,,ja


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