News of Chiba specific minimum wage revision,ja

Beginning December 25, 1980,,ja,993 yen (steel industry, 28 yen increase from conventional 965 yen),,ja,951 yen (electronic parts / devices / electronic circuits, electrical machinery / equipment, information and communication machinery / equipment manufacturing,,ja,23 yen increase from the previous 928 yen),,ja,(Remarks),,ja
993円(鉄鋼業 従来の965円から28円引上げ)
951円(電子部品・デバイス・電子回路、電気機械器具、情報通信機械器具製造業 従来の928円から23円引上げ)

There are two types of minimum wages: regional minimum wages and special minimum wages, and specific minimum wages apply to key workers and employers of specific industries in specific regions.,ja
Of the seven specified minimum wages, five seasonings manufacturing minimum wages, etc. have not been revised in the Ordinary Year, and are applied to all workers working at offices in Chiba and their users. The minimum wage “Chiba Prefectural Minimum Wage” (hour amount: 923 yen: effective on October 1, 1980) will be applied.,ja

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