About recruitment of general plan development social gathering committee members,,ja,Currently, the town is proceeding with the formulation of the “Kononami Town Comprehensive Plan”, which will serve as a guideline for town development starting in the third year of the Ordinance. We recruit general plan development social gathering committees to make use of opinion of townspeople in this comprehensive plan.,,ja,〇 job content,,zh-TW




Opinions will be exchanged and examined regarding the necessary matters related to the formulation of “Konancho comprehensive plan”, and suggestions will be compiled.,,ja,* When attending a meeting, compensation will be paid according to regulations.,,ja,○ Application period,,ja,From November 18 (Monday) to December 6 (Friday),,ja






○Recruitment,,zh-TW,5 degrees,,zh-CN,○ Eligibility for application,,ja,Those who are 18 years of age or older who are resident, commuting or attending school in the town and can attend meetings (held at night on weekdays) held about twice in the Ordinary Year and about five times in the Ordinance Year 2.,,ja,○ How to apply,,ja,Konancho comprehensive plan development social gathering committee application form,,ja







鋸南町総合計画策定懇話会委員応募申込書Please fill in the necessary information and submit it to the General Affairs Planning Division.,,ja,The application form can be distributed at the General Affairs Planning Division, the Central Public Hall, the Health and Welfare Center / Sukoyaka, the Welfare Center for the Elderly, and Soraku-no-Yu, and can also be downloaded from the town website.,,ja,○ Term of office,,zh-CN




From around February 2000 until the completion of the comprehensive plan formulation work.,,ja,○ Selection,,ja,Based on the submitted documents, the selection will be based on a comprehensive consideration of the application motivation and the balance of age, gender, and region. The applicant will be notified of the selection results.,,ja,○ Contact,,ja






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