About request of voluntary check such as block habits,,ja,In the case of an earthquake, is your fence okay?,,ja,~ To never cause that painful accident ~,,ja




The need to take safety measures against existing blocks has been reaffirmed following the grave accident that elementary school children died in the collapse of a block in the Osaka Prefecture northern earthquake that occurred on June 18, 2018.,ja

In addition, the Yamagata-oki earthquake occurred on June 18, 1 year after Riwa, just a year later, and fortunately there were no personal injuries, but many blocks were destroyed.,ja


In preparation for the recent large earthquakes, please check the following check points with your own eyes as a reference for the road surface.,,ja,○ Block 塀 check point of check,,ja,Nowadays even small cracks can turn into big cracks as the days go by.,,ja





It is necessary to take measures such as retiring, renovating, or changing fences that have been announced as dangerous in the dangerous situation that you can see visually or in the check survey on the elementary school attending school route conducted by the prefecture last year.,,ja,■ Consultation on Building Standard Law is here,,ja,Chiba Anbo Civil Engineering Office Building Site Section,,ja


■ 建築基準法に関するご相談はこちら




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