We sell gift certificate with premium,ja

With the 10% increase in consumption tax rate scheduled for October, the purpose is to alleviate the impact on residents who do not charge a resident tax and to parenting households (0 to 2 years old children) and to stimulate and support consumption in the region We will sell premium gift vouchers.,,ja,□ Purchased person,,ja


Person who meets the next condition in one registered in Basic Resident Register of Kyonan Town,,ja,Those who are not taxed the resident tax (per capita rate) for the Deiwa Year,,ja,However, those who fall under the following are not eligible.,,ja


・ Those who are supported by those who are taxed the resident tax (per capita rate) for the year of Deiwa,,ja,・ Person who is protected of welfare system,,ja,The head of a household with a child under 3 years old,,ja,Household where there is child born by from April 2, 2016 to September 30, 2008,,ja,□ Purchase limit,,ja



1. One where resident tax is not taxed ... Gift certificate face value 25,000 yen (sales amount 20,000 yen),,ja,The householder of a household with a child under 2.3 years of age ... The face value of the gift certificate 25,000 yen (sales amount 20,000 yen) x number of children under 3 years old,,ja,※ The sales unit is the face value of the gift certificate 5,000 yen (the amount of sales 4,000 yen),,ja,□ Application procedure,,ja
※販売単位は、商品券額面5千円(販売額 4千円)


1. Those who are not taxed on resident tax ...,,ja,Application procedure is required,,ja,Mail to the target applicants after Monday, July 29,,ja,Application period From Monday, July 29 to Friday, January 31, 2 (must arrive),,ja申請手続きが必要Will be.

申請書  対象者の方に7月29日(月)以降に郵送
申請期間 7月29日(月)から令和2年1月31日(金)まで(必着)
Application place Kyonan Town Hall Health and Welfare Division Premium gift certificate person in charge (with mail),,ja,The head of a household with a child under 2.3 years old ...,,ja,Application procedure is unnecessary,,ja,Purchase vouchers will be mailed after September 18, so please purchase gift certificates at the point of sale.,,ja,□ Sales period,,ja







・ Highly cashable (such as gift certificates, book cards, prepaid cards, stamps, official postcards, stamps, etc.),,ja,・ Cigarette,,ja,・ Cash and sale with cash (including electronic money), deposit with financial institution (purchase of financial products),,ja,Kyonan-machi General Affairs Planning Division Planning Finance Office TEL 0470-55-4801,,ja


問合せ先  鋸南町総務企画課企画財政室 TEL0470-55-4801

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