Hishikawa moronobu Memorial "- revived Taisho Roman - Takehisa Yumeji Exhibition" held,,ja,Hishikawa moronobu Memorial opening 30 anniversary special exhibition,,ja,"~ Revived Taisho Roman - Takehisa Yumeji Exhibition",,ja,[Exhibition] 2018 January 20 (Saturday) to February 18 (Sunday),,ja,[Closed day] Monday closed (Tuesdays closed in the case of a public holiday),,ja

菱川師宣記念館 開館30周年記念特別展




【会期】   平成30年1 月20日(土)~2月18日(日)

【休館日】  月曜日休館(祝日の場合は翌火曜日休館)

[Special Exhibition Admission] Adult 600 yen (500 yen) elementary, middle and high school students 400 yen (300 yen),,ja,() Is the organization of more than 20 people Rates,,ja,※ 1 May 17, 18, 19 days, February 19, 20, 21 days will be closed for the exhibition replacement.,,ja,Artist, Takehisa Yumeji - which was called - Taisho of ukiyo-e,,ja

( )内は団体20名以上の料金







Takehisa Yumeji is appeared in time to reflect heavily romance and lyrical Taisho from the Meiji, is the artist who left a lot of beautiful pictures. Beautiful images that praised the lyrical and melancholy his draw was the world by storm is called a "dream two formulas beauty". In addition, to draw many books and illustrations, in addition to the art is in the limelight touch in the eyes of the public, such as maker also yukata of design, there is also one side of the designer, it was greatly popular.,ja

In addition, Yumeji poetry, also active in the literary field, such as songs, is inter alia "Yoimachigusa" became a national favorite song is given a song.,ja

This exhibition to commemorate the 30th anniversary of opening of hishikawa moronobu Memorial, addressed a spot on the common people of the beautiful images and familiar beautiful picture of Takehisa Yumeji that colored the Meiji and Taisho period starting from hishikawa moronobu, transitory Japanese beauty It is intended to introduce. Please have a look at this opportunity.,ja


Special Cooperation Foundation Takehisa Yumeji Ikaho Memorial,,ja,· Ten Points of woman "Black Cat" Nagasaki twelve king "Megane Bridge",,zh-TW


・ 女十題「黒猫」     ・長崎十二景「眼鏡橋」

  • 2018(H30)/01/13   14:00
  • Historical and Folklore Museum