Heisei legal employment rate of people with disabilities will be pulling more than 30 years April 1,,ja

Disabilities routinely living in the area, under the "Harmonious Society" realization of the idea that both can live as a member of the local, all of the employer, you have an obligation to employ persons with disabilities at a rate of more than the statutory employment rate. (Disability employment rate system) the legal employment rate will change from April 1, 30 years in the following manner.,ja

Business owners differentiate,,zh-TW,The statutory employment rate,,zh-CN,2018 April 1,,ja,Private companies,,zh-TW,  2.0%    ⇒,,en,Country, local governments, etc.,,ja,  2.3%    ⇒,,en,Board of Education, such as the prefectural,,ja,  2.2%    ⇒,,en,The scope of the employer to be noted that point 1 target, will spread to the employee 45.5 or more,,ja 法定雇用率
Active 平成30年4月1日以降
民間企業   2.0%    ⇒ 2.2%
国、地方公共団体等   2.3%    ⇒ 2.5%
都道府県等の教育委員会   2.2%    ⇒ 2.4%


留意点1 対象となる事業主の範囲が、従業員45.5人以上に広がります

▼ our employees 45.5 more than 50 people less than the employer is especially please note.,,ja,Along with the change of the current legal employment rate, the scope of business owners of private companies that must hire people with disabilities will change from employees more than 50 people to more than 45.5 people. In addition, to its employer, you have the following obligations.,,ja


◆ you must report the employment of persons with disabilities situation as of June 1 of each year to the Hello Work.,,ja,◆ we must strive to appoint an "Employment of People with Disabilities facilitator" of the order to continue with the promotion of employment of persons with disabilities.,,ja,By the considerations 2 2021 April, will be a further 0.1% raising,,ja


留意点2 平成33年4月までには、更に0.1%引き上げとなります

Prior to the date of the expiration of 3 years from 2018 April, it will be the statutory employment rate of the private sector to 2.3%. (Organizations such as the country will also be similarly 0.1% raising),ja

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