Opinion offer for a specified water source protection areas of kyonan tap water source protection regulations for the (public comment),,ja,In kyonan, to prevent the depletion and water pollution of water sources according to the municipal water supply, we have established the tap water source protection regulations for the purpose of protecting the townspeople of life and health.,,ja


In this ordinance, the area necessary in order to protect the water source from the fact that there is a need to specify as water source protection areas, to recruit the opinions of everyone who townsmen for a range of areas.,,ja,1. The scope of the area for the water source protection zone (draft),,ja,※ Cenkaoziliao,,zh-TW





※ 参考資料

①鋸南町水道水源保護条例,,en,Chart source protection area (case),,zh-TW,2017 October 13, from the (gold), 2017 November 13 (Monday) to (must arrive),,ja,During the recruitment period, as well as posted on the town website, you can browse in the construction water service section construction environmental chamber (central government office office third floor).,,ja




平成29年10月13日(金)から平成29年11月13日(月)まで (必着)




Viewing time ※ is until 5:00 pm 8:30 am. (Excluding Saturdays, Sundays, holidays),,ja,Opinion Application Form (PDF),,ja,Opinion Application Form (Word),,ja,● directly bring kyonan office central government office third floor construction water service section construction environmental chamber,,ja,● Post it 〒299-2192 Awa District kyonan under Sakuma 3458 kyonan building construction waterways class room environment,,zh-TW









→ 意見応募用紙(PDF)意見応募用紙(Word)



【提出方法】 次のいずれかの方法で提出してください。

●直接持参  鋸南町役場本庁3階 建設水道課建設環境室

●郵  便  〒299-2192 安房郡鋸南町下佐久間3458 鋸南町建設水道課建設環境室

●ファクシミリ  0470-55-0421,,en,● E-mail kenkan@town.kyonan.chiba.jp,,ja,※ at the time of submission by e-mail, please include the subject always.,,ja

●電子メール   kenkan@town.kyonan.chiba.jp

※ 電子メールでの提出の際には、必ず件名を記載してください。

※ gotten answers in a separate opinion to, because we are unable to accept your opinion verbal by telephone or office, please note.,ja





※ information you need, if there is no description, can not be handling as submitted opinion as a general rule. In addition, the contents, etc., of opinion, there is a case where I am allowed to check.,,ja,※ Please note that you can not return the reception and documents submitted by telephone or verbally.,,ja

※ 電話や口頭での受付や提出された書類の返却はできませんのでご了承ください。



And submit our was your opinion, will be a reference for when the area designated as a reply the idea of ​​the town, is scheduled to be published on the town website.,,ja,Phone: 0470-55-2133 E-Mail: kenkan@town.kyonan.chiba.jp,,ja





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