2017On October 27,,zh-CN,"In Tokyo looking south Boso of your work.",,ja,For Jobs Hello Work Tateyama (August 15, 2009),,ja(金)「南房総のお仕事さがしin東京」参加者募集

"To the south Boso region,,ja,Immigration,,ja,If you are considering. ",,ja,"South Room Cong area,,zh-CN,Graduate,,ja,In those who are away from the current local ",,ja,Do not look for your work of Minami Boso in Tokyo.,,ja,The venue, so that people in Tokyo residents are likely to join us,,,ja,Nishi,,ja,"Tokyo graduates cheering Hello Work" on the.,,ja,About 20 companies,,ja移住を検討している方」

約20社Of local companies to participate, companies described in the company booth, also will conduct job interviews in the seekers.,,ja,In addition, there is also employment consultation services, immigration consultation!,,ja,“,,en,South room 総,,zh-CN,live,,ja,work,,ja,"As an event of trigger-making, please join us.,,ja
---------------------------------------,,en,★ Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare is carried out in a "4th Hello Work Business Improvement Competition",,,ja,It was carried out on October 1 year "in Tokyo looking for work in South Boso" is,,ja
2015年10月1日に実施した「南房総でお仕事さがしin東京」がWon the "UIJ turn promote Award"Did!
* From among the nation's Hello Work of 128 applicants, he was awarded the special prize as an excellent initiative of UIJ turn.,,ja,★雇用保険受給中の方へ,,en,This business will be recognized as job activity results in employment insurance beneficiaries! Let's job hunting all means at our event!,,ja,On October 27 (Gold) 13:30 ~ 16:00,,zh-CN

---------------------------------------,,en,★ Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare is carried out in a "4th Hello Work Business Improvement Competition",,,ja,It was carried out on October 1 year "in Tokyo looking for work in South Boso" is,,ja




13: 00 began to receive payment,,zh-TW,: 30 start,,zh-TW,: 40 Orientation, introduce participation office,,ja,: 00 individual interviews begin,,zh-TW,: 00 individual interviews Exit,,ja,※タイムスケジュールは変更となる場合があります。,,en,Tokyo new graduates cheering Hello Work,,ja,Minami Boso region in people over 15 years old who want the job (There is no upper limit),,ja
13:30 開始
13:40 オリエンテーション、参加事業所紹介
14:00 個人面談開始
16:00 個人面談終了




Libraries were



100Name about,,ja,(Also possible and participation free of charge participation appointment-day),,ja,Application deadline,,ja,October 26 (Thursday) until 17:00,,ja,Registration Form only (JPG format,,ja,Participation application form is also available at the station Tateyama Hello Work Tateyama of the office lobby, Nagisa.,,ja



Shen 込 method



 FAX番号 0470-24-2404

On top of the fill in the "registration form", please send a FAX as it is.,,ja,Destination Yubinbango294-0036 Tateyama, Chiba Prefecture Tateyama 1564-1,,ja,Tateyama Commerce and Tourism Division employment settled engagement addressed to Watanabe,,ja,On top of the fill in the "registration form", please be mailed to the above address.,,ja,▼メールで申込の場合,,en

 宛先 〒294-0036 千葉県館山市館山1564-1
館山市商工観光課 雇用定住係 渡辺 宛



宛先アドレス shoukan@city.tateyama.chiba.jp

The following template to copy and paste, on the input the required information, please send to the destination.,,ja,Minami Boso of your job searching in Tokyo Registration,,ja,Tateyama Kamogawa City and Minami Boso City, kyonan - Hello Work Tateyama is,,,ja,The personal information you fill out and used for the following purposes.,,ja

南房総のお仕事さがしin東京 参加申込

(1)氏名【    】・フリガナ【    】
(2)住所【〒000-0000 ○○県○○市○○0000番地】
(3)電話番号【  -  -  】
(4)Eメールアドレス【  @  】
(5)性別【男性・女性】 生年月日【S・H 年 月 日】
(6)ハローワークカードの有無【なし・あり】*ありの場合求職番号【  ‐  】
- for the participants understanding of the "Southern Boso of your work looking in Tokyo",,ja,- from the "south Boso of your work looking in Tokyo" participating companies, for the corresponding inquiries about adoption,,ja,* Tateyama Kamogawa City and Minami Boso City, kyonan - Hello Work Tateyama, for the handling of personal information,,,ja
Compliance with laws and regulations relating to the protection of personal information, personal information about "Minami Boso of your work looking in Tokyo",,ja,Do not use for purposes other than business.,,ja,On the day How to Apply,,ja,If there is a margin in capacity, you can also participate in the day.,,ja,To participate in a given enterprise,,zh-TW,In early late kei predetermined load,,zh-TW,Companies recruiting,,ja,Participating companies,,zh-TW



Jobs list .H29.10.13 time,,ja,H29.9.15 predetermined point in time to participate in a business you see (the kana syllabary cis),,zh-TW,(PDF file: 62KB),,ja,Company name [industries],,ja,The cause,,zh-TW,Medical Corporation Institute Hirokazukai Ebihara hospital,,ja,Shoji Co., Ltd. Zheng Ji shops [fisheries],,zh-TW,Tateyama Shinkin,,zh-TW,【financial】,,zh-CN,God Bless social welfare corporation will be special nursing the elderly ホ one woods saw Nanyuan,,zh-TW

参加予定企業一覧(五十音順)  H29.9.15時点 (PDFファイル:62KB)

企業名【業種】 事業所

The seat of

1 株式会社 インターコムR&Dセンター【情報通信】 Southern Boso City
2 亀田産業 株式会社【小売】 Kamogawa City
3 社会医療法人社団 木下会 館山病院【医療・福祉】 Tateyama
4 医療法人 光洋会【医療・福祉】 Southern Boso City
5 医療法人社団 宏和会 エビハラ病院【医療・福祉】 Kamogawa City
6 株式会社 こがね【宿泊】 Tateyama
7 株式会社 集賛舎【製造】 Tateyama
8 株式会社 庄司政吉商店【漁業】 Southern Boso City
9 セントケア千葉 株式会社【福祉】 Tateyama
10 株式会社 大成【サービス】 Tateyama
11 社会福祉法人 太陽会【医療・福祉】 Kamogawa City
12 社会福祉法人 太陽会 安房地域医療センター【医療・福祉】 Tateyama
13 社会福祉法人 高嶺福祉会【福祉】 Southern Boso City
14 館山信用金庫【金融】 Tateyama
15 医療法人 鉄蕉会 亀田総合病院【医療】 Kamogawa City
16 社会福法人 天祐会 特別養護老人ホーム 鋸南苑【医療・福祉】 Kyonan-machi
17 Co., Ltd. New Kominato hotels Yoshiyume,,ja,Yokohama,,ja,Yasuda Fine Te Co., Ltd.,,ja,Participating companies information and job information will be updated from time to time. Also, please understand that it may be without notice contents are subject to change.,,ja,Recruitment has ended,,ja【宿泊】 Kamogawa City
18 社会福祉法人 白寿会【福祉】 Southern Boso City
19 医療法人 博正会 北条病院【医療・福祉】 Tateyama
20 株式会社 ビーコムビー・ビー【サービス】 横浜市
21 有限会社 三平商会【卸売・小売】 Tateyama
22 ヤスダファインテ 株式会社【製造】 Kamogawa City
23 社会福祉法人 佑啓会 ふる里学舎【福祉】 Southern Boso City
24 株式会社 吉田屋鴨川館【宿泊】 Kamogawa City

参加企業情報や求人情報は随時更新します。 また、予告なく内容が変更になる場合もございますのでご了承ください。


参 加 企 業
Information subject to payment of,,zh-TW,2017 September 1 (gold) ~ September 15 (Gold),,zh-CN,20 companies about,,ja,Enterprise Raised,,zh-TW,Application-inquiry,,ja,Hello Work Tateyama jobs engagement,,ja,〒294-0047 815-2 Yawata Tateyama City,,zh-TW,TEL 0470-22-2236 FAX,,fr,The viewing of the PDF format, you need Adobe Reader (free of charge). If you do not have it, please download from the following page.,,ja
注 意 事 項
  • 当イベントの参加にあたっては、ハローワーク館山 に求人票の提出が必要です。
  • 提出済みの企業については、当イベント用の求人 「資格・経験不問」「年齢不問」等ご検討ください。
  • 個別に企業紹介資料を用意していただく予定です。
  • 申込多数の場合は、業種・地域性等を考慮して抽選 とさせていただきます。
企 業 募 集
ハローワーク館山 求人係
〒294-0047 館山市八幡815-2
TEL 0470-22-2236 FAX 0470-22-2241

PDF形式の閲覧には、Adobe Reader(無償)が必要です。 お持ちでない方は、下記ページからダウンロードしてください。

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