I must now identification in the family register, resident card window

◆ 5/1 identification by family and residents vote counter need to now

住民基本台帳法 及び戸籍法が改正され、戸籍証明や住民票などの不正な取得を防止するため、平成20年 5月1日から、戸籍謄本や住民票の写し等を請求する際は『窓口にいらした方の本人確認』が必要になりました。
戸籍や住民票の写し等を取りにい らっしゃるときは、必ず免許証等の身分確認資料を持参のうえ、窓口にてご提示ください。また、窓口にいらした方が代理人 や使者の場合は、本人確認に加えて委任状などの書面の提出が必要です。
Claims of family register relationship

  • And can be charged only with identification-identification, lineal relatives
  • ※代理人の場合は、たとえ兄弟等の近い関係の方でも基本的には委任状が必要です。

Claims resident card relationship

  • Person ... the person that can be claimed only identification, same household members (household who are divided in the same address is not in the same household members)
  • * If the Attorney even if even of the parent-child relationship is basically mandate requires.

Method of identification at the time of claim by mailThe

  • Copy of the identification documents when they apply at the same will be sent with this application.
    Also return address is basically the mailing address of the applicant.

Those designed to be used as identity verification documents

  • Official certificate of what may ... face photo with one point
  • Basic Resident Register card <example> driver's license, passport, facial photo
  • Proof of Nothing ...'s photo needed two points
  • <Example> Health Insurance card, late Elderly health insurance who are certified, nursing care insurance card, pre-storage Kington account, expands Full color pictorial na ka ー ド Basic Resident Register, PDA annuity, annuity certificates