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Kobe membership session out, resident registration, seal registration, buried cremation permit, national pension, national health insurance, the latter Elderly Medical, townsman tax, corporation tax, fixed assets tax Qing vehicle tax Mizuho-machi tax Full levy business and accounts storage business, a variety of proven Issuance を play book expands Kei te ma す.

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In the town, as it is everyone is comfortable living in the health of residents, roads, maintenance of parks, improvement of education and welfare, such as fire disaster measures, and a variety of work. To do these, a lot of expenses are needed.,ja
Town tax paid to you through a variety of activities in town, and welfare,Education,As financial resources in order to improve the living environment of the people of the town as administrative services, such as public works plays an important role.

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Various sessions of the (Rotating into the session, etc.)
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National Pension

“National Pension System”What is it?
Is the system protects everybody helping each other to compromise the stability of life, such as old age, disability and death, by stabilizing the life of its subscribers and family.

National Health Insurance

“National Health Insurance (National Health Insurance)”What is it?
Know what happens when illness or injury. At this kind of to lighten the burden of health care costs even a little, is a system for mutual brainstorming Premium subscribers in, along with grants from the State and County, spend on medical expenses, etc..

Elderly health care system late

“Elderly health care system late”What is it?
So far, 75 years or older (note) and joined the medical insurance system, such as national health insurance, health insurance, while was receiving medical care in geriatric health care system late elderly medical care system and medical insurance from 4/2008 new independent medical care.
(Note) contains the constant failure, received a certification in the current health care 65 years or older.

Saw Minami-specific health checkups implementation plans, etc.

Personal number (My number),,ja,Registration under the Article 4, Paragraph 1 of the Regulations of the Specific Personal Information Protection Committee,,ja


 About publication of specific personal information protection evaluation book,,ja,In social security and tax number system (my number system), it is obliged that local public organizations etc. try to hold specific personal information file or those who hold specific personal information protection evaluation in principle. Specific personal information protection evaluation analyzes the risk of causing leaks of specific personal information and other situations in anticipation of the influence of local governments etc. on rights and benefits such as personal privacy, and reduces such risks. It is a declaration to take appropriate measures.,,ja,For more information about the Specific Personal Information Protection Evaluation System, please visit the website regarding the Specific Personal Information Protection Evaluation of the Personal Information Protection Committee.,,ja,You can also view the evaluation report on the My Number Protection Evaluation Web of the Personal Information Protection Evaluation Committee.,,ja,Specific personal information protection evaluation book of Kyonan Town,,ja,Evaluation document number,,ja,Name of office,,ja,Evaluation sheet,,ja,Office work about basic resident register,,ja,Basic item evaluation book,,ja,Office work by the vaccination method,,ja,Office work about application, grant of certificate of the physically disabled,,ja,Office work about application grant of mental patient health welfare notebook,,ja,Office work about levy of light vehicle tax,,ja,Property tax ledger management office work,,ja,Office work about the collection of local tax,,ja,Office work about levy of personal residence tax,,ja,National Health Insurance office work,,ja,National pension office work,,ja,Office work by health management (Mother and Child Health Law),,ja

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