Procedures of various certificate issued

The following certificate is needed, Office Division tax room tax residents. ( Main Bldg. 1F counter ) in please.


Type of certificate charge
Tax certificate
The 1 and (350 yen) 1 tax items,
20 yen added to each increase tax items 1 2 or more tax items
And dues certificate
(Tax certificate for land and houses 1 1 building per)
Income certificate
(Last year became the basis of the town citizens ' tax income certificate)
350 yen per 1.
Taxation certification
(Proof of the city tax for taxation purposes)
350 yen per 1.
Tax exempt certificate
(City tax not being taxed proof)
350 yen per 1.
Town residents tax decision amount certificate
(City tax decision content proof)
350 yen per 1.
Assets certification
(Who owned assets total assessment amount certificate)
350 yen per 1.




1873 views 350 yen per 1.
View the fixed asset tax ledger 350 yen per 1.
1873 a copy (copy) 350 yen per 1.
Write expands ledger 350 yen per 1.


Per 1-1.,300 yen
Temporary operation permit 750 yen per 1. ( effective duration of 5 days )
Mini vehicle tax payment certificate for continuous inspection Free
Amount of notice of assessment Free
Proof of address (Corporation) Free
※ It is 1 1 piece, same content certification adds the 50 yen each to increase 1.

* 1 if applying for each certificate please bring a seal himself.

If you wish to request mailing of tax certificate, etc.

I do not accept your request or fax your phone, by e-mail, etc..
Please send your tax residents and tax department storage room addressed to 1-4 below.

1. Application form

Please write the contents of the following white paper such as stationery.

    • (1) fiscal year required tax certificate, type and number of
    • (2) certificate requester name and seal (seal available)
    • (3) date of birth
    • (4) address
    • (5) telephone number (during the day can take contact numbers)
    • (6) purpose

* Power of Attorney (the signature one) is required to request the representative.

2. A copy of the claim of identity documents

Identification documents with your driver's license, etc, is a copy of the proof of address.

3. Reply envelope

In the envelope, affix postage please fill out the name and address of the claimant on the.

4. Fees

Purchase minutes total fee a fixed amount of money order at the post office.
Postage stamps may be fractional minutes.

5.billing destination

Resident tax and tax storage room
Kyonan, Chiba, Chiba Prefecture Awa-gun under Sakuma 3458 Street