For delivery of water rate

Method of payment

It is a way for you to pay the water bill automatically from savings account of customers of financial institutions and Japan Post Bank.
* Direct debit subscription information, financial institution, Japan post can sign up in the form of Bank.


Transfer you can, so at a financial institution with a branch office in Kyonan town, you give me the procedure at the counter of the bank. It's available in each financial institution "account transfer request form."

Yu post automatic transfer notification from the bank account in the post please be provided see automatic application form "in the Bank.


If the account transfer payment and it takes 2 to 3 months.
Water fees and account direct debit payments will be listed on the day next meter reading when you distribute "water use the notification.

For deliveries fee, we recommend a convenient account transfer.

• Method of payment at financial institutions

This is how to use the (water rates delivery notice) Payment paper that has been sent to your billing to customers on the specified, have you delivered a water bill at the counter of financial institutions.

Handling financial institutions

Chiba Bank, Keiyo Bank and Tateyama shinkin Bank, kimitsu credit unions and Ambo agricultural cooperatives and Chiba prefectural credit fishermens cooperative

◎ Japan post at the bank counter payment methods

You can not be delivered in the (water rate delivery notice) Payment paper that has been sent to your billing address that you have specified.
Japan Post Bank to please pay with the payment instruction form provided.
* Customer number, 1 year 1 month please fill out the communication section.

Japan Post Bank how if

Bank transfer to bank account: 00120 − 5 − 120401 saw Minami-water business companies balance employees

• Method of payment other than the above

If you send by registered

Payee: 299-2192
Kyonan, Chiba, Chiba Prefecture Awa-gun under Sakuma 3458 Street

If the handling financial institutions non-financial institutions how

Bank transfer to bank account: Keiyo Bank, Hota branch
(PU) 2360311
Saw Minami-water business companies balance employees

Please pay to not only the delivery deadline.