For registration of specified construction shop

Of designated water supply contractor specification Guide

About the procedure

Person of the contractor to be subjected to water supply equipment construction in Kyonan town, can not work "Kyonan town water services specified water supply equipment construction company (designated construction shop)" as, if not received the designation of Kyonan town water supply business administrator .


Necessary documents to the applicant

  • 1. Designated water supply equipment construction operators designated application form (under water law enforcement style No. 1)
  •  [Matters to be stated]
    • -Driver's license Name and domicile as well as corporate names of the representatives and officers.
    • Lee. Grant number of the water supply system construction engineer (Note 1) will be appointed to conduct a project of water supply equipment works in kyonan name and location, of each place of business and the diploma
    • C. Machinery and equipment for water supply equipment work (Note 2) name, performance and number of ( please stated in the appended table of the machine equipment record. )
    • Et. Scope of business
  • 2. Oath (prescribed water Act enforcement rules in form No. 2)
  • Pledge that it is one that does not correspond to any one of) to (e Paragraph 1 No. 3 Lee of Article 25 of the Water Supply Act
  • 3. Water supply installations fortifications were elected director of technical sessions of the book (Watercourses Act, the provisions of Rule ni su ru yoshikidai 3)
  • The election statement must be submitted within 14 days from the date of receipt of the designation.
  • 4. Tim na ni necessary to apply the payment book class
  •  [If you are an individual]
    • -Driver's license Copies of resident or alien registration certificate copy
  •  [The case of a corporation]
    • -Driver's license Articles of incorporation or act of endowment
    • Lee. Certified copy of ( all certificate accepted )
    • * Attach a copy of the diploma of water supply equipment works chief technician election report filed

Specify the cause of water supply installations fortifications material designated Login

  • 20,000 yen (tax included)
  • ※ Please pay upon issuance of the designated water supply equipment construction business's Certificate.
  • Design and construction saw town water Department specified figure (one set of 120 yen (including tax)) is needed.
(Note 1) water supply installations by borrowers who fortifications technical director
  • Water supply installations fortifications by Test [technical director (Finance) water fortifications Technology Promotion Foundation - But Actual Shi su ru National Test] ni shi ta も Full qualified
  • * Contact us water supply equipment works chief technician test
  • (Choi) water fortifications Technology Promotion Foundation - Ministry of Home Test Test lesson
  • Telephone 03-5695-2511
And machinery for performing (2) a water supply system construction
  • -Driver's license Gold cut saw or other cutting machines and apparatus
  • Lee. RASP, pipe Threading machine milling machines and apparatus of tubes and other
  • C. Torch lamp, pipe wrench for bonding machines and other
  • Et. Hydraulic pressure test pump