For the designated construction shop

Water works is to saw Minami-designated contractor

And if you have too much trouble to receive safe and our drinking water or proper in home construction methods are used, water pipes and fixtures to defects and cause water leak, water unsuitable for drinking, water is no longer.
Such that no construction of the water supply, as is in kyonan designated contractors designated vendor.
-Designated agent is the kyonan were designated as water contractor has proper excavation was established by kyonan in waterworks construction technology and credit.
-If you use the plumbing needed remodeling, removal and repair water leaks and water new, ask AWOL work by unqualified or unsuitable construction prevent cooperation.
And when waterworks construction and repair to ask store beforehand about the contents of the work and cost enough to recommend.
-Saw Minami-designated water supply equipment contractor provides is necessary for your application, so you fill out, please give to the contractors.
- After receiving a request from skilled in the art, and so do the examination materials used, construction methods, etc., time of about one week will be charged.


List of designated water supply equipment construction business operators,ja



Law concerning water supply equipment works

Water Act (excerpts)

Article 16 2 water carriers to ensure it conforms to the standards specified by cabinet order structure of the affected water supply by the water of water supply equipment and materials based on the provisions of the preceding article, can be deemed that proper enforcement of water supply equipment works such water of water supply in the area can be specified.
2. Said water carriers or's designated juridical person who pursuant to the waterworks operators designated under the preceding paragraph shall be specified by the supply rules of the water supply by the water supply equipment ( hereinafter referred to as "designated water supply contractors ' and. ) of can supply subject to that pertaining to water supply equipment works were performed.
3. In the case of the preceding paragraph waterworks operators pertaining to water supply equipment works underwent water business operator or designated water supply contractors who receive water supply by the water supply water supply system is not in pursuant of the supply rules, refused to sign up for the water supply contract, or to stop the water supply for the can.
However, with minor changes in water supply apparatus specified by the Ordinance of the Ministry of health and welfare, or confirmed that conform to the standards prescribed by cabinet order structure of water supply equipment and materials based on the provisions of the preceding article otherwise.