To your newly drawn water

About how a Subscriber contribution

Water supply in the area of ​​the town Kyonan, if you pulled a new water supply, I am paid "subscriber contributions" in addition to the construction costs.

Subscriber contribution

The ones where I am paid to all our customers to be drawn new, depending on the diameter water supply pipe to take advantage of (water meter), which is ordered in the amount of as in Table 1.


Table 1 (tax not represented)

Caliber Amount Caliber Amount
13㎜  130,000 40㎜ 910,000
20㎜  260,000 50㎜ 1,300,000
25㎜  390,000 75㎜ 3,900,000
30㎜ 520,000 100㎜ 6,630,000