For the management of water storage tank water


Sump waterways

  • (Those effective capacity of water receiving tank is more than 10t) private water supply
  • (Effective capacity of the water receiving tank include the following 10t) Small water storage tank water

And the proper management

  1. Once within a year each, I do on a regular basis to clean the water tank.
  2. Take measures to prevent water from being contaminated.
  3. Is carried out and measures necessary inspection when the color of the water in the faucet (faucet), turbidity, odor, taste, etc., showed an abnormality in the water.
  4. When the water supplied from the water tank, learned that there is a risk of harm to human health, and allowing those concerned to stop the water supply immediately.
  5. 設置時、休止時、廃止時、変更時には、建設水道課水道室及び、千葉県安房健康福祉センター(安房保健所)へ届け出が必要。


The last, is a private facility installer of (user), water storage tank is mandatory that the installer is properly managed at the expense of their own.