For water quality management


At the head of a river water quality management

Periodically water quality survey of odorous compounds in saw town water purification plant at Mt. nokogiri dam ( name basin name dam ( koiso basin, River name work on optimization of water treatment process to predict changes in water quality, engaged in monitoring of water sources. Also, about from today total regional water company mission water purification by water (Yuzawa/distribution center), conducts detailed water quality management agency.

Water quality management in the water purification plant

Water purification plant, the water from rivers and dams, water quality inspection by officers every day we accurately understand changes in water quality, proper water treatment.

Water quality management in the tap water faucets

Do on a regular basis with other water quality criteria such as lead and trihalomethanes in water distribution systems by water faucets, water quality testing, along with color, turbidity, residual chlorine, etc. conducted daily inspection staff, ensure the safety of drinking water.


Rousseau pipes between Saku double bridge

Completed as of March 8