For water quality standards

Water quality standards for tap water to be supplied to the customer, have been defined by the "Ministerial Ordinance on Water Quality Standards" based on this and "Water Law". The water quality standards, have been determined from the viewpoint of not have to be one that can harm the health of people by drinking tap water, trouble occurs when the drinking.
Ministerial Ordinance on Water Quality Standards will be promulgated in 1958, and then, through the revision of several times,From the 4/1/2008 newly added items.Currently, items provided for in the Ordinance, etc. are under the table.

Baseline water quality projects (51 projects):

Stipulated in the "Ministerial Ordinance on Water Quality Standards", it is a measure of water quality tap water must meet.
Such as trihalomethanes and leadItems related to healthColor (31 items), turbidity, and odorItems related to the properties of tap water should haveThere are (20 items).

Water quality management goal setting projects (27 projects):

For the sake of completeness to ensure the safety of the tap water future, the monitors in accordance with the inspection of the water quality standards,Items to keep in mind on the tap water qualityIt is defined as.


For tap water quality management plans and water quality test results, please see the article in the following.
平成29年度 鋸南町水道水質管理計画

FY2009 water quality inspection statistics,,ja,Heisei 3 Town Water Quality Management Plan,,ja


※ For water quality test results has me for a water quality standard item (item 51). Water quality management goal setting item (27 items)

For the test results are available at office office third floor construction Water Division water room window-machi Kyonan.

平成30年度 鋸南町水道水質管理計画



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