Tap water until


Tap water, river water, dam saved water, groundwater and three divided into.
Carry the water purification plant in order to safe water for them to drink water.
Kyonan waterworks are fulfilled in the tone River basin, with water saved saw mountain dam, dam name NAMBO total regional waterworks Agency (Note 1) from the receiving water.


Water purification plant in the masses first, easy to set drug called poly aluminium chloride (PAC) in a little trash in the water and sand. And 沈でん litter was easier to sink in the water and sand are removed in the pond.
Then filtered through the water to get rid of in the pond the more fine dust and beware of germs getting covered with sand and gravel rather than their positions. In addition to disinfectants chlorine as the clean.
Also at various facilities, inspect and safety of tap water every day, at any time, use day and night staff work has.
Last saved on water distribution pond water through water pipes buried beneath the road, will be sent to our homes and schools.
In disasters, such as earthquakes"Water does not come out worst."The voice is often overwhelmingly.

(Note 1) today on the receiving water from total regional water companies ofClick hereIn the visit.