History of water supply business


[Condition] Geography

Hon is located in the southern boso peninsula, North bordering Minami-boso city kamogawa city in the South, futtsu-Shi, East West to Tokyo Bay seriously, and East and West 10. 75 km, North-South 7's. 30 km, area 45. M3 is 16 k. Terrain is generally narrow central part East mountainous and Central Division West towards the coast, flattening and, in northernmost expanded urban area. In coastal temperate climate at around 16 ° c average annual temperature, annual rainfall is 1,700 meters around and favorable weather condition. This area is coming up North to the saw piles of 329 m above sea level and the highest peak, located in the boso peninsula National Park and varied coastline lush forest areas, blessed with rich tourism resources and scenic beauty of the natural and cultural resources.


Creation of water supply business of Honcho is, with the increase in the summer of bathers in 1959, because there was a need for a water supply facility, Ryocho of the old Yasuda-cho and former Katsuyama town formed a Yasuda Katsuyama water supply union, 1959 approved drives out March 31 year, completed in 1962 October. Management of water services by the merger of Ryocho has been transferred to kyonan. In order to respond to requests by residents of non-spread area, from the first-order expansion project but has been conducting a fourth-order expansion project, the fourth-order expansion project change authorization (1993 March 25 date, Chiba Prefecture Directive No. 15) and receives a Minamiboso wide area water service company group (maximum daily water supply of 2,ja,Water supply by the water receiving from the 120㎥) to kyonan whole area, penetration rate, leading to about 100% (2017 April).,ja


Symbol: S=Showa H=Heisei
Name Approval date: Completion of the annual Expenses (thousands of yen)
Founder S.34.03.31 S.48 181,715
Linear expansion S.40.12.27 S.48 6,250
Second extension S.45.01.13 S.50 39,398
No. 3: expansion S.50.05.31 S.55 1,120,000
The following three extension changes S.53.07.27 H.02 1,926,016
The following three extension changes S.58.03.31 H.11 2,734,191
No. 4: expansion H.01.03.31 H.11 2,230,000
The following four extension changes H.05.03.29 H.12 4,579,000