Road Station "Kyonan"

As the area of ​​the driver of the rest, there are toilets, rest areas, Food processing, tourism, Bussan stores and pastry shops, it is also popular at sunset spot facing the sea.,,ja,Food, Bussan stores and pastry shops,,ja,Tourist information office,,ja,Every Monday regular holiday (Monday in the case of a public holiday the next day)),,ja
In addition, as the area of ​​culture, there is a community center as a base for cultural activities of Hishikawa Moronobu Memorial and local residents, famous for its beauty in return. You can not only be able to gather data that may help tourism, touching the history and culture of Kyonan town.
When you came to Kyonan town, by all means, please drop in Michinoekikyonan. Palm trees and (tourist office) building roof yellow entrance is marked with.

The seat of

Awa District kyonan Yoshihama 517-1 (along Route 127)(MAP)


食事・物産店・洋菓子店(Business hours, regular holiday is different by the store)
観光案内所(Operating time 9:00~17:00 毎週月曜日定休(月曜が祝日の場合は翌日))
Parking Number of units: Large five vehicles, 71 sets of ordinary cars, the body person with a disability with Taiwan,,zh-TW,Metropolitan Expressway - Aqua line - Tateyama Expressway - using Futtsu Tateyama road, and get off at kyonan Yasuda IC, 5 minutes the 127 National Highway from the prefectural road 34 Highway to the south. From Tokyo about 1 hour and 30 minutes,,ja,Hota Station or Awa Katsuyama Station and get off at Uchibo from Tokyo Station.,,ja


In your car From Tokyo
On the train 東京駅から内房線で保田駅または安房勝山駅下車。
About 2 hours and 30 minutes from Tokyo.,,ja,Road Station Kyonan tourist office,,ja

An inquiry

道の駅 きょなん 観光案内所
TEL :0470-55-4518 (May Yao Closed)