Introduce of Kyonan

Saw Minamicho History

1889 April 1 Katsuyama Yasuda Sakuma village is installed, the old village name will be Oaza, it is for each district to Ooaza
1896 January 20 To town from Katsuyama Katsuyama village by the town administration enforcement
1897 January 27 Hota town from the village by the town administration Hota enforcement
1955 March 10 By law merger Awa-Katsuyama Cho and Sakuma village, Katsuyama city
1959 March 30 By the new municipal construction Promotion Act merged Hota town with Awa-Katsuyama Cho-Cho

Full origin of place names

Tree of town "camellia"

Kyonan-machi (きょなんまち) in Chiba Prefecture 3 mountain one, Mt. nokogiri (のこぎりやま) located south was named so. -Once the castle was born in 0/1959, Katsuyama and port city of Hota. Therefore no saw South Station on JR uchibo line, remains both Yasuda and Awa-Katsuyama, center headquartered in Katsuyama. Yasuda also Katsuyama fishing port, together every morning, fresh seafood is landed. Less room for wide area mountains looming until shoreline, most of the town area is mountainous. JR uchibo line runs the coastline and national highway route 127 is aortic. As a proud of kyonan in Japan include the big Buddha. Mt. nokogiri is this Buddha is a southern boso Peninsula area's best tourist destinations.
南房総の玄関口に位置し、西にある東京湾、北に名山鋸山と、周囲を海と山に囲まれた鋸南町は温暖な海洋性気候と東京に近い地理的好条件に恵まれ農業・水産業及び風光明媚な海岸線は房州海水浴発祥の地でもあるように古くから海水浴場として栄えてきました。 また海岸よりは、山間部にかけての緑豊かな山系、北部には、名刹日本寺や東洋一の大仏を有す標高329mの観光メッカ鋸山がそびえています。 町名の「鋸南」はこの鋸山の南に位置することに由来し町は昭和34年勝山町と保田町の合併で誕生しました。 東西10.75km、南北7.3km、総面積45.19k㎡、人口約10,000人、年平均気温17度で冬は比較的暖かく、夏はカラッとしのぎやすい気候に恵まれた地であります。 日本三大水仙生産地や、出荷全国一の食用ナバナが3月から5月にかけ絨毯を敷いたように咲き、四季折り折りの彩で親しまれてきた景勝の地であります。 「見返り美人」で有名な浮世絵の創作者菱川師宣の誕生の地であり、源頼朝が上陸し、兵を立て直し天下を治めた伝説の地。 小林一茶、夏目漱石、徳富蘆花、若山牧水、獅子文六らが愛した文化人の里、鋸南。ここには、しばしの散策にも先人の夢の香に酔えるひとときがある町です。

Special Products

Saki ni ku Japan saw South Narcissus

Flower is full so called beyond Mt. nokogiri and don't need underwear is a piece from the old boso is warm, Awa is even when snow falls in the North. Boshu flower-making was taken to Edo in the ship, called the name flowers (1854-60) in saw town name (もとな) district in Japan daffodils Bloom said the beginning. Japan Temple narcissus Kannon. From the end of December until the end of January in kyonan narcissus fragrance fills the air. ( * may flower off due to the weather. ) during the season "Narcissus Festival ' and narcissus photo contest will be held.

Town Planning

Dependent towards Sakura

Incidentally to the historical fact that the attempted comeback, Minamoto no Yoritomo was defeated at the battle of ishibashiyama in kyonan, escaped in a small boat and landed on Dragon Island coast kawazu cherry blossom on the nickname and Yoritomo cherry, mutual Fellowship, district community development while aiming for Japan's cherry blossom city residents as a whole, committed to planting trees. This plan is all over town to gauge 20000 cherry tree planting for 10 years from 0/2001 in the annual district community organization originally located in neighborhood 26, with hopes of cherry tree planting location and number of carries out planting by the residents themselves and management. In the neighborhood can be ambitious resident organizations of Yoritomo cherry, recurring over water, grass cutting are carried out. 0/2001 2,250, 14 year 3,044, 15 year 3,373, Minamoto no Yoritomo cherry blossom of 2,493 16 year planting. Planting projects are saw town comprehensive plan [town costume focused project] in has been specified.


· Jomon Yayoi Era 200 years ago are Full sets of remains Tago Pit house has been restored today to stand the ruins of Tago.
Kofun era Japanese era 300 years are Floating Island During the royal visit, the legendary six Shikainochi said that was conceded by cooking seafood is also left in the floating island Kay line emperor as an island of the legendary floating island.
Nara era 725(God tortoise 2 years) Japanese Temple Japan temple will be built in Nokogiriyama. There is a bell delivered to have emerged from the sea
Heian period 1180(Governance Order of 4 years) Source Dependent up land The escape from the Miura Peninsula, Yoritomo defeated in Ishibashiyamanokassen landed in Katsuyama coast. The restructuring soldiers, I'll build the Kamakura shogunate 12 years later. Monument has been erected in the landing area.
1181(Pension first year) Japanese Temple Source Dependent Asahi monastery revival.
Kamakura era 1253(Build long 5 years) Wonderful monastery Nichiren Aizen immobility feeling Miki strange Honji is written that is to be painted in the following year that Nichiren was Hirakimune. Very valuable as an initial handwriting.
Northern and Southern Dynasties 1333(Yuan Hong 3 years) Japanese Temple It takes to Japan temple fire caused by war.
1335(Jianwu 2 years) Wonderful monastery Open day Township Historical Kamakura.
Edo era 1630(Kuan Yong 7 years) Whaling Father of modern whaling, Daigo ShinHyoe Sadaaki (first generation) is born.
1704(Baoyong first year) Whaling Father of modern whaling, Daigo ShinHyoe Sadaaki (first generation) death.
1779(Ernst & Young 8 years) Full name Awa workers Master craftsman Awa (stone carving) Takeda stone old man is born.
1806(Culture 3 years) Katsuyama Phan I stationed Kobayashi Issa, in Katsuyama clan.
1845(Honghua 2 years) Whaling British whaling ship anchored off the coast in Katsuyama.
Meiji Era 1869(1869) Plus known mountain Phan Kachi Yama-han is installed
1889(1889) Yasuda Coast Yasuda village, Katsuyama village, Sakuma village established. Natsume Soseki visited Yasuda coast, I enjoyed the beach. Soseki himself also wrote a diary. Monument has been built as a bathing Boshu first in 1986.
1906(1906) Old Town Hall saw South Katsuyama Town Hall is built. (Old town hall to say now)
昭和時代 1935(1935) Source Dependent up land It is specified in the landing area Minamoto County historic sites.
1948(1948) Prince town. The Crown Prince (as Emperor) came town to.
1959(1959) Kyonan-machi Kyonan-city birth (Katsuyama, Hota town merger)
1968(1968) Yasuda Coast Hota Tourism Association sponsored by the 1st Miss and Mr. Hota coast beauty contest will be held.
1968(1968) Sakuma Folk Museum Sakuma Folk Museum to open.
1968(1968) Mineoka road Mineoka-rindo opening ceremony celebration.
1969(1969) Japanese Temple Nokogiriyama Nihonji is restored. The ceremony is mismatching.
1970(1970) Old Bridge Nagisa Nagisa Bridge is completed.
1971(1971) Tree of town "Camellia" is selected in the tree of town.
1975(1975) Town chapter The birth of town chapter.
1981(1981) Hishikawa Moronobu birth place Complete ' hishikawa nurses, birth site Memorial.
1982(1982) Kyonan Town Hall Kyonan town hall new building is completed.
1983(1983) Kyonan-machi Ondo Kyonan-machi Ondo is released.
1984(1984) Central Community Center Complete Kyonan-machi Chuo Community Center.
1985(1985) Tourist Association Hota Katsuyama both tourism Association merged, Kyonan-machi tourism association is established.
1985(1985) Hishikawa Moronobu Memorial Hishikawa Moronobu Memorial is completed.
1986(1986) Japanese Temple Buddha's ashes were given to Japan temple from Burma government and the Burma Buddha Association, to celebrate the Buddhist memorial service memorial service Hogei.
平成時代 1989(From 1989) Japanese Temple Presented the Buttagaya St. linden to Japan from India temple, tree planting ceremony is celebration.
1989(From 1989) Mikaeri Bizin Early return beauty contest will be held.
1989(From 1989) Special Products Be launched health drink "loquat leaf tea", from Kyonan promotion KK.
1989(From 1989) Kyonan-machi Kyonan town birth 30 anniversary ceremony is performed, and the time capsule is buried.
1989(From 1989) Friendly city Tatsuno friendship city signing ceremony is performed.
1990(Heisei 2) Big Black Mountain Observatory The observation tower is built in the new landmark of the city Daikokusan.
1995(Heisei 7) Unified School Kyonan municipality first and second middle school merged, integrated junior high school will be built.
2000(Heisei 12) Station vicinities Readiness previous week Hota Station tourist office is renovated.
2001(Heisei 13) Station vicinities Readiness previous week Awa Katsuyama Station before tourist information center is renovated.
2002(Heisei 14) New Nagisa Bridge Nagisa Bridge is renovated.
2003(Heisei 15) Waraku no Yu Waraku no Yu is completed in Sakuma old man center.
2004(Heisei 16) Seminar House Josai-Josai International Seminar House is scheduled for completion in the old junior high school Kyonan second vacant lot.
Katsushika Hokusai Katsushika Hokusai "Yukimatsu eagle view" is domestic exhibition in 105 years.
Return beauty view Daigo new Samurai (eight generation) Ebisu image feel deft skill
Painter, Hishikawa Moronobu of Edo won fame as a pioneer of Ukiyo-e Its Daigo ShinHyoe of modern whaling who worked to create a large-scale organization Takeda Ishiokina master craftsman of millet is implanted in stone carving, leaving a secret masterpiece


Carnation cultivation

Utilizing its advantageous position near the metropolitan area, the consumer and the favorable climate, upland from rice farming, kyonan, Chiba has been working on various agriculture and dairy farming. Has been involved in numerous featured in flower cultivation from ancient times, a challenge to the cultivation of the new varieties, including agriculture. On the other hand advanced aging agriculture workers, lack of successors. But even younger successor would like agriculture, actively working on is steady growth Center floriculture, dairy. "Every year, working on the new breed's increaseour and uniqueness to the market, competitive and I. "That young man and flower growers. "Lake Biwa's products unique to boso. And put your strengths in this area ', and so on a dairy farm from this point by microcephaly breeding performance cattle business you will hear the voice of. Most settled place development is also wish Sakuma dam was completed in 3/1993 and, so that supply irrigation water for 255 ha of farmland. Help young people towards the future, draw dreams on Agriculture and, from this spur development as an important industry of the kyonan one thing.

Shooting support (Film Commission)

Floating Island

The Film Commission, and is a non-profit organization to attract regional filmmaking project, provide support of location. To page of Kyonan Town Film Commission