For the implementation of rubella vaccination business

I will grant the cost of rubella vaccination of pregnant women to the husband of a woman or are planning to become pregnant


Libraries were

It is resident registration in Kyonan town, Near the 50 years of age 20 years of age or older,

  1. (Not possible vaccination of pregnant women) women who are planning to become pregnant
  2. Full maternity husband
    However, people who have certified that there is antibody of rubella is not covered as a general rule.

Amount of the grant

  • MR (measles, rubella) vaccine:5,000Yen
  • Rubella vaccine alone:3,000Yen

Grant period

From April 1, 2019 to March 31, 2020,ja

How to grant

Those who already finished the vaccination:

Subsidy grant applicationFill out the required information, please submit to the town along with a, etc. (copy of driver's license, health insurance card, passbook) receipt-identification.

How to get a shot from this:

Awa-gun city designated medical institutions consulted in the questionnaire was delivered to public health and Welfare Division, should get a shot. Accounting at the hospital in payment amount minus the amount of the grant.

Designated medical institutions

Please contact us
Sure to call for reservations for the vaccination.


  1. Pregnant women cannot be vaccinated. Their vaccination of women and ensure does not become pregnant, should avoid pregnancy 2 months after vaccination.
  2. Vaccine type ( rubella vaccine and measles/rubella vaccine ) is consult with medical institutions.

About adverse reactions

Sometimes the side reaction appears after receiving the vaccination.
In addition, as a serious side reaction (hives, difficulty breathing, angioedema, etc.), thrombocytopenic purpura, acute disseminated encephalomyelitis anaphylaxis(ADEM)There are equal.
Please ask your doctor for medical institutions to be inoculated for more information about side reactions.

Health hazards

Chiba Prefecture municipal preventive inoculation accident compensation regulations applies if health damage is caused.
Application for benefits, etc. Please consult physician, public health and Welfare Division.