Guidance of the old-old medical insurance premium

Withdrew from and be late for the elderly health care insured until it had national health insurance, social insurance, mutual insurance, etc., must pay a late elderly healthcare insurance premiums each.
From * join the insurance charges will apply.

Determines how the insurance premium (per year)

Insurance fee = 1. insured equal % of amount 2 income amount(Insurance premium limit amount 620,000 yen),,ja,1. Equal share price ... 41,,ja,【Basic deductible amount (330,000 yen) 275,000 yen × number of insured persons in households】,,ja,【Basic deduction amount (330,000 yen) 500,000 yen × number of insured persons in households】,,ja,2. The amount of the cut is 7.89% (the cut rate),,zh-TW

  • 1.均等割額・・・41,000 yen
  • All subscribers to bear in the number of people assigned amount
  • * May be reduced depending on household income.
[Reduce the percentage income standards.
Mitigation types Gross income of the household determine the householder insured by
90% reduction [Of the households that do not exceed the exemption amount (¥ 330,000), insured everyone ¥ 800,000 or less retirement income](If you do not have other various income) households
8. 50% reduction [Basic deductions (330000 yen)]Household does not exceed the
50% reduction 【基礎控除額(33万円)+27.5万円×世帯の被保険者数】Household does not exceed
2% reduction 【基礎控除額(33万円)+50万円×世帯の被保険者数】Household does not exceed

* Equal public pension income you can determine a reduced percentage of the amount calculation method


  • 2.所得割額・・・7.89%(所得割率)
  • Amount to pay according to income
  • * Income if only public pension income amount calculation method
  • (Public pension income - public pension deduction amount - 33,000 yen) × 7.89%,,ja,Less than 3.3 million yen,,ja,3.3 million yen or more and less than 4 million yen,,ja,4.1 million yen or more and less than 7.7 million yen,,ja,7,700,000 yen or more,,ja,800 yen (2 million yen - 1.2 million yen -15 million yen = 650,000 yen ⇒ corresponds to 20% reduction),,ja
[Determination of the public pension deductions.
Pension Public pension deductions
330万円未満 Flat 1200000 circle
330万円以上410万円未満 Pension amount × 25% 375000 ¥
410万円以上770万円未満 Pension amount × 15% 785000 ¥
770万円以上 Pension amount × 5% 1555000 ¥

Insurance fee calculation examples

◆ insured person households, pension income 2 million yen
  1. 均等割額・・・32,800円 (200万円−120万円−15万円=65万円 ⇒ 2割軽減に該当)
  2. The amount of the cuts...37,,zh-TW,083 yen ((2 million yen - 1.2 million yen - 33,000 yen) × 7.89%),,ja,800 yen 37,,ja,083 yen = 69,,ja,800 yen (rounded down to less than 100 yen),,ja,800 yen (2.5 million yen - 1.2 million yen -15 million yen = 1.15 million yen ⇒ corresponds to 20% reduction),,ja,083円 ((200万円−120万円−33万円)×7.89%)
  3. 保険料・・・・32,800円+37,083円=69,800円(百円未満切捨て)
◆ couple together if the insured households

[If the husband's pension income 2500000]

  1. 均等割額・・・32,800円 (250万円−120万円−15万円=115万円 ⇒ 2割軽減に該当)
  2. 所得割額・・・76,533 yen (2.5 million yen - 1.2 million yen -33 million yen) × 7.89%,,ja,800 yen 76,,ja,533 yen = 109,,ja,300 yen (rounded down to less than 100 yen),,ja,If you were a dependent of employee insurance at the time of joining the latter-stage elderly medical care system, you will bear only 50% of the equivalent amount.,,ja
  3. 保険料・・・・32,800円+76,533円=109,300円(百円未満切捨て)

[If the wife pension income 780000 Yen]

  1. 均等割額・・・32,800円 (250万円−120万円−15万円=115万円 ⇒ 2割軽減に該当)
  2. Great amount resulting yen · · 0
  3. 保険料・・・・32,800円(百円未満切捨て)

Method of payment of insurance fees and deadlines

    • As a general rule, will be withheld from pension.
Delivery time Phase 1 2 issues 3 issues 4 issues 5 issues 6 issues
April June August October December February
The amount of See the special levy written notice of The announcement in early August
  • * You can switch payment by direct debit request, even people who are withheld from pension.
  • For more information, please contact contact.
  • ※ If you are not a deduction from the pension
  • ○ But 180,000 annuity annual sum of yen Full side
  • ○ The total amount of long-term care insurance premiums old-old medical insurance premiums, if it is more than half of pension

Of insurance for dependants was towards mitigation measures


About premium changes

The following situations may late elderly healthcare insurance premiums will change at a later date.

  • If the content changes and property tax returns
  • If the exemption was
  • If you have been enrolled
  • Loss of qualification if there is a (death or moving out, etc.)