For old-old medical system

Until March 2008, people over the age of 75 (persons with certain disabilities are 65 years of age or older due to their application from the principal) are eligible for medical insurance such as national health insurance and health insurance cooperatives while under the "medical care system for the elderly" However, from April 2008, I was supposed to receive medical treatment at the "late stage elderly medical care system" which will become a new independent medical insurance system. For the determination of premiums and medical benefits, the Chiba Prefecture Late-stage Elderly Medical Wide Area Association collects insurance premiums and accepts various applications at the town hall.,ja

The person who will be subject

  • 満75歳以上の方
  • 65歳以上75歳未満の一定の障がいがある方で、後期高齢者医療制度に加入を希望する方

Eligibility begins with notification

  • Medical care by old-old health care system will be applicable from the date of birth of 75 years.
  • Until the birthday to be become 75 years old, will send the insurance card from the town.
  • 65歳以上で一定の障がいにより認定を受けた場合は、認定を受けた日からの適用となります。

1. (30% or 10%) amount of money for you to self-pay at the counter

Pays 10% percent of medical costs in medical care. However, above a certain income when there is 30%.
In addition, in the case of hospitalization, beyond self-pay limit, there is no further payment. For those who meet certain requirements, those who have not received the issuance of the limit amount application / standard burden reduction certificate (refer to "3. Limit amount application / standard burden reduction reduction"), once Payment will be refunded later.,ja

And * more than a certain income who,-
Tax taxable income (amount of income minus deductions, etc.) is 1450000 yen or more.
However,Who belong to the same household aged 70 and over total income of less than 5200000 yen.
(70 years or older if a person is 3830000 yen) in and to apply for 10%
Will be.
For more information, please contact us.

2. To refund more than self-pay limits


1 mth Full own burden limits the amount of

3. · Limit the amount of the applicable standard derating identified affordability of Nippon te


4. For high-cost medical care

* Audience some fees ( 1% and 3% of pay ) about, don't need please inform us beforehand, so will check in the from medical institutions care rewards statement ( receptor ).

Usually, the submission of receipts by medical institutions January every authority is filed. Calculated high medical expenses for those deemed appropriate by approximately one month after that, because the notification sending out very time consuming we are. Note that amenities such as thank you.

5. Refunds of other

If you like, pays for full identification, medical expenses etc receive the amount stipulated in the medical system can apply for a refund.

  1. Because it can not be used that insurance card or the like sudden illness, when you pay the medical expenses
  2. Therapeutic equipment, such as a bill corset admitted doctor is required
  3. Massage, massage, treatment costs of the beam-old who are considered by the physician is required
  4. Special transport and other charges, such as charges Namachi for transfusion

6. For funeral expenses

If the insured died to funeral rites as funeral expenses 50000 yen are eligible. Please note that the funeral expenses are not paid after 2 years from the day following the funeral. For more information, please contact us.

7. · High high medical cost-effective system of Care

May be provided for households became the hefty medical expenses the claimant of the long-term care insurance if, if the limit is exceeded, and total of 1 year for both the medical insurance and long-term care insurance co-pay high medical expense and high long-term care combined.

When such notification
When such notification What you need to the notification
When 65-year-old people with certain disabilities, or when a certain failure after the age of 65 Disability certificate, health insurance card, seal
When you move to another city Health insurance card
When the has been moved from another State Certificate fees, etc.
Get public assistance, or when lost eligibility for health insurance Insured, written notice of the decision protected and seal
The death of the Health insurance card, seal
Application for funeral expenses How did funeral(Mourner)の銀行口座・印鑑・葬祭の領収書又は会葬礼状(What can be confirmed in the direction of chief mourner)
When the loss or damage insured Seal
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