When in a traffic accident

If third-party injury in traffic accidents, including, in the absence of gross negligence victims, health care costs is borne by the perpetrator principles.
However, I will in trouble if the money is not ready story or twisted.
Temporary national insurance medical expenses are exempted and will later claim to the perpetrator.

* Please note may be ineligible for treatment at national health insurance receive earlier treatment costs from the perpetrator and might have an out-of-court settlement, the.


What you need to the notification

  • Notification of injury or illness due to action by a third party,,ja,Memorandum,,ja,Traffic accident certificate,,ja,Accident occurrence status report,,ja,Reason for Acquisition of Certificate of Personal Accident Not Acquired,,ja,Click here to download the notification form,,ja,Notice of injury or illness due to third-party acts,,ja,Notice of injury or illness by third-party acts 【MOU form】,,ja,The traffic accident certificate will be issued from the automobile safety driving center after reporting the traffic accident to the police.,,ja,Personal Accident Certificate Obtaining reason statement is necessary only if you can not issue a traffic accident certificate dealing with personal injury.,,ja
  • 念書
  • 誓約書
  • 交通事故証明書
  • 事故発生状況報告書
  • 人身事故証明書入手不能理由書