Payment of childbirth and funeral expenses

Lump sum birth allowance

Insured person gives birth to a household paid the 420000 yen (1/1/2009 birth) per live birth. Also, are paid regardless of stillbirth and miscarriage will require certification of physicians in more than 12 weeks (85 days).
However, rather than from national health insurance paid when joined the national health insurance is the birth and gave birth to 6 months, will be paid from health insurance national health insurance membership earlier.
Foreign insured person gave birth in a foreign country will be paid only if eligible for national health insurance continue. Doing so will require doctor's certificate and the Japan language translation.

Direct payment system takes effect.

  • - So that they can be devoted to the birth cost lump-sum birth allowance, changes to the payment system directly to hospitals from medical insurers as a general rule.
  • · In the future, as long as it is within the range of 420,000 yen principle, you may not be prepared in advance the birth expenses together.

* Delivery costs than 420000 Yen is the difference on discharge to hospitals pay.
* If you do not wish to direct payment to hospitals from the care of the childbirth allowance
Using the after childbirth receive care from traditional methods are available.
(However, maternity expenses, to be discharged at once on your own to hospitals pay will).

☆ When you apply for a must

Insurance card, seal (stillbirth, miscarriage is need is a doctor's certificate)
-Find household key holder account information (Bank name, branch name and account number).
-Obstetric health care system registration

Payment of funeral expenses

when an insured person dies, I will be paid to those who ¥ 50,000 makes a funeral.

What to bring ☆ when you apply for

-Receipt at the time of performing seal of the person who went insurance card of the person who died, the funeral, the funeral
- What can be seen of (bank name, branch name, account number) information designated account name of the person that made the funeral

※ birth date, will be aged at two years from the day following the day that you make any funeral, Please keep in mind that it will not be paid.