Towards the subscriber of National Health Insurance to be 70 years of age

70 years old, will receive national health insurance aged beneficiaries card

National health insurance aged beneficiaries card issued to those who are covered by national health insurance, and to the 70-year-old, by the income of the previous year, out-of-Pocket medical expenses reduces to 10%.
Visits: submit, senior claimant with insured medical care.

Started with the aged claimant

From the 70-year-old birthday next month ( * however, birthday is 1 day, from its month )

Expiration date of the aged claimant

Expiration of the aged claimant was has 31 and July every year.
0/2009 income status determined and self pay percentage, already aged claimant also to those who have mailed in July a new claimant.

Self pay rate is 10% or 30%

* 30% better
70 years of age or older with a ¥ 1,450,000 or more residents tax taxable income in the same household, if you have towards the National Health Insurance insured person under the age of 75.

May be by applying 10%

Even if you pay 30% May to 10% can apply for the following cases.

    1. In the same household is over 70 years old one if the 0/2010 income 3830000 Yen is less than
    2. If you are 70 years old or older more than two people in the same household, total income of 0/2010 5200000 yen.
        ⇒ We will send a new card to change those expense ratio as a result of the decision.

☆ application a must
One that households with income of over 70 years of age who
(Something you know, such as a copy of the tax and pension income)

Residence tax exemption upon application reduces the hospitalization at some fees and meals

You can receive the maximum amount of application and standard expense amount reduction certification in the same household is the insured person's household and national health insurance tax exempt if the application for hospitalization at some fees and meals reduces.
Already issued, expiration date, up to 7/31, so don't forget to update application please.

☆ application a must
Proof of income, such as a copy of the tax and pension