Retirement Medical Care

Notification of retiree health care system you have?

Until it reaches 65-year-old family (coverage dependent person) is a national health insurance, and company and then worked for the long, can receive pension and pension and retiree medical care system to health care.
Insurance also changes, so is all of the following conditions are true, you receive a pension certificateWithin 14 daysThe sure that notification to the tax division.

Retired person
And already enrolled in national health insurance. ( or join now. )
And is not the target audience for health care.
-Pension and pension for the elderly, such as various mutual aid Association (retired),Total pension (retirement),Old-age pension,Receiving the pension, the enrollment period is 20 years or more, or is more than 10 years after the age of 40.

Dependents who
-Retirement insured the same households, mostly living by insured retirement income spouse or child or parents in the annual income is 1300000 Yen ( 60 years old or older and people with disabilities is 1800000 Yen ) less than of people.

What you need to the notification

Notification when certificate of pensions and national health insurance card.,Please bring your seal.

Sure the notification to national health insurance

Healthcare system retirees, some fees and insurance charges other than medical expenses are funded in health insurance at the workplace, such as brainstorming contributions.
Delayed notification, and originally from the financial contribution to be paid medical expenses insurance to have to bear is will.
For the proper operation of the national health insurance, sure notification is subject.