National health insurance premiums paid Full Carolina

Let's pay properly national health insurance

National health insurance subscriber you are when the doctor only pay part of the cost of medical care, you can get medical care and the remainder from State and County subsidies, insurance premiums are covered by. Especially all of you paying insurance premiums is that precious financial resources.
NHI is, because it is great principle subscribers each and every which have borne equally everyone, not only lack of fairness with other subscribers and there are people who do not pay the premium, the National Health Insurance system itself will no longer hold.
so that everyone paid fairly, National Health Insurance is run by sound fiscal, let's pay by the due date is always premium.

Method of payment of insurance premiums

Bill arrived from the Town Hall and charges listed there with the nearby for your payment at financial institutions, post offices, etc.

Use convenient direct debit payment of insurance premiums

Once the direct debit procedures, and is useful because the insurance premiums are automatically deducted from the account.
People tend to forget inadvertently, such as people who do not have time to go to pay busy, please use.
Procedures, the seal of the notification Bill, savings passbook, bankbook transfer notification must have the at the financial institution or post office counter, please.

Please contact if you have difficulty just paid

Special circumstances, such as disasters and unemployment, difficult to pay insurance premiums without arrears ahead of time to national health insurance contact consult.

Taxpayers who are home owners.

Be paying households each, rather than premiums pay each and every insured individually, the taxpayer becomes a household.
Even if even if household is enrolled in health insurance at the workplace, someone in the household, enrolled in national health insurance tax notice that household will be sent to.

Will that is in arrears for long-term care insurance premiums in arrears, and

Premium of up to 64 people from the age of 40 years old, will be paid for the combined long-term care insurance worth of medical insurance worth.

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