And the kind of the insured

It is a basic pension of people with a common obligation to those between the ages of 20 and 59 there is an address in Japan to join.
The subscriber, it is classified into three types: the contents of the benefits and payment of the insurance premium is different.
Marriage and employment,When joining, such as job classification change each time the procedure is required.

How to join Enrollment procedures How to pay insurance premiums
Insurance who is
-And their families how to use an agricultural self-employed or
And are not dependant of the husband wife
-Employer pension plans no more
· Student
- The direction of the part-time job
Person will do at City national pension dependency In the delivery notice to be sent from Japan Pension Service, the person is paid at the counter such as a bank.
Insurance who is
- If you are subscribed to the mutual aid association, such as employees' pension such as office workers and civil servants Insurance at work. To join in the national pension plan at the same time enrolled in welfare annuity or mutual aid association, etc.. Not required because the insurance premiums are paid national pension system from their pension pay in personal.
Insurance who is
-Spouse, which is dependent on the insured who subscribe to Mutual Aid Association, such as employees' pension Does with spouse employment. Do not require paying premiums, but must be notified. Insurance has to pay all pension plan member's spouse, be deducted from the salary of the spouse;
Any added

If it in up to 60-year-old does not meet the eligibility period of basic old-age pension (10 years), even if that can not be the full amount receiving the basic old-age pension because there is no payment already period of 40 years, join the Employees' Pension and Mutual Aid Association If you are not, you can be voluntary, even 60 years later (offer has been since the month). However, you will not be able to join retroactively.,ja








Your application window of any subscription of those who are living in kyonan is a government office tax residents Division or Japan pension mechanism Kisarazu pension office kyonan.