Types of pension benefits and pension

Old-age pension

In principle the person who meets the eligibility period of 10 years as is the pension to be received from when they become 65 years old.,,ja,Full amount at 779,,ja,It is 300 yen (~ 2017 April), but if there is such as insurance premiums unpaid period and exemption period, will be reduced depending on the period.,,ja,Primary failure 974,,ja

Disability pension



  • 1級障害   974,125 yen (April 2017 ~),,zh-CN,Grade 2 Fault 779,,ja,300 yen (as of 29 April ~),,zh-CN
  • 2級障害   779,300円(平成29年4月~)

Survivor's basic pension

When the spouse died, or "child" will be received "spouse of the child", which has been maintaining a livelihood by such a person.
(18-year-old the last day of the arrival year(March 31)Primary failure grade of disability pensions in the child-less than 20 years of age has not passed or second grade of the child)
It is condition meets the eligibility period receive basic pension for the elderly people who died, died days before enrollment periods out paying premiums more than two-thirds.


Additional pension

Who have paid additional premiums (400 yen per month) according to the following calculation added to old-age pension.

  • Additional insurance charges paid months × 200 yen

Widow pension

When the husband was supposed to receive the basic old-age pension died without receiving a pension, between until the 65-year-old from 60 years to his wife (marriage for more than 10 years), basic old-age pension was supposed husband is received the amount of 3 will be paid a quarter of.


Lump-sum death payment

Passed away without any pension insurance premium paid over three years is paid to the surviving family.