When various types of certificates are required

It became necessary to identification in the family register, resident card window from May 1, 2008.

Certificate below, tax residents section window(Saw a Southern Town Hall stage)Or town service corner office.(Health and Welfare Center in healthy)In are handled.
Type of certificate charge
Register certificate of all(Copy of family register) 1Through 450 Yen
Household registration personal certificate(Family register) 1Through 450 Yen
Expulsion placedon(old family register) 1Through 750 Yen
Full membership votes attached to Kobe 1Through 450 Yen
Resident abridgment(Personal) 1Through 350 Yen
Resident transcript(Households) 1Through 450 Yen
Certificate of Identity 1Through 350 Yen
Seal Certificate 1Through 350 Yen
If you wish to request mailing of household registration certificate, etc.

* Please contact may be depending on the claims because the other necessary documents for details.
For Mail-in request, you will need to process the number of days in the office and delivery dates. Thank you so hope you'll give me a claim well in advance.

1. Request(Please fill out the Stationery matters of 1-4.)


1 Full requester residence's name, date of birth, telephone designation(Number can contact during the day)
Please be imprinted corporate name, location, a corporate seal and phone number in the case of company.
※ Please press the signet when you did not sign your name.
2 Relationship name of the person in need of certificate, domicile, first author, date of birth, and the claimant
(When the resident card claim, name of the required person, address, date of birth)
3 Necessary communication type and number of required certificate
4 Some use


→ 郵送請求書 (PDF形式)

→ 郵送請求書(エクセル形式)


2. Copy of the documents it is possible to confirm the claim in person(Such as a driving license)


4. Fees(Full Post Office is fixed for small)

Purchase fee-please buy at the post office.

5.返信用封筒(Wan te name entered, hand stickers pay cut)

Full resident registration to requesters I(法人が請求する場合は会社の所在地)Sent to.

6.代理人による請求の場合は、委任状(that claimant was self-signed)It is necessary.
Copies of the materials confirming the whereabouts of the company if the Corporation is required.


Applicant contact information

Tax Resident lesson(Citizens Insurance Office) Town service corner
Places to payment Saw a Southern Town Hall stage Health and Welfare Center in healthy
Hours 8:30 ~ 17:15
(I except on Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays)
8:30 ~ 17:15
(I except on Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays)
Phone number 0470−55−2112(Passthrough) 0470−55−1002(Passthrough)
Residence 〒299-2192
Awa-gun, Chiba Prefecture between South cho saw Saku 3458
Awa-gun, Chiba Prefecture Minami-cho Yasuda saw 560