Parliament Pong hearing

Kyonan-machi Parliament hearing rule (excerpt)

Article 4th
  • Audience capacity to 28 people served.
Article 7 (of the visitors defend matters)
  1. By way of applause other, it is not expressed openly against propriety in speech floor.
  2. It is possible to discourse, and Hoka, it is not made a fuss and the other KoEmi.
  3. That it does not equal the demonstration behavior that headband, the kind of armband.
  4. That you do not wear the kind hat, jacket, collar of winding. However, this does not apply when you have the permission of the Chairman by reason of illness or other.
  5. Do not eat, drink or smoke.
  6. That you do not the unsightly Acts or leave the seat without good reason.
  7. In addition to what is prescribed in the preceding item, that you do not commit an act such that the interference of venue or disturb the order of the assembly hall.
Article 8 (prohibition photography, photo film and recording, etc.)
  • Shot and spectators in the Gallery pictures, movies, etc. or recording, etc. shall not.
  • However, what specifically got the permission of the Chairman is not limited.

Kyonan-machi Council Chairman