Long-term care insurance premiums

Annual premiums for those over 65 No. 1 insured

Start paid insurance premiums are...
段階 調整率 Insurance premiums Libraries were
Stage 1 0.45 30,300 ◎生活保護受給者、老齢福祉年金受給者で住民税世帯非課税
◎住民税 世帯非課税・本人非課税
Stage 2 0.75 50,400 ◎住民税世帯非課税・本人非課税 合計所得金額+課税年金収入額≦120万
Stage 3 0.75 50,400 ◎住民税世帯非課税・本人非課税
Stage 4 0.9 60,500 ◎住民税世帯非課税・本人非課税
Stage 5 基準額 67,300 ◎住民税世帯非課税・本人非課税
Stage 6 1.2 80,700 ◎合計所得金額が120万円未満
第7段階 1.3 87,400 ◎合計所得金額が120万円以上190万円未満
第8段階 1.5 100,900 ◎合計所得金額が190万円以上290万未満
第9段階 1.7 114,400 ◎合計所得金額が290万以上

Long term care insurance as insured 1 the wrap from the day before in the 65-year-old's birthday month.
For example those in the 65-year-old 8/1 ⇒ July minutes to wrap.
Those in the 65-year-old 8/2 ⇒ wrap from August.

Way of paying insurance premiums...

● ⇒ person to be deducted from old age (retirement pension)Special collection
■ old age(Retirement ) pension 180000 Yen ( monthly 10005,000 yen)Or more people
Even-numbered months ( April,June,August,I will pay in the form of a deduction of the premium two months from the pension to be paid in October, December, February).

● ⇒ people to pay by payment bookOrdinary collection
■ old age(Retirement ) pension 180000 Yen ( monthly 10005,000 yen)Still aged people
■ those who are receiving old-age welfare pension, disability pension, survivor's pension only
■ people who came to the 65-year-old in the middle of the year, people have been moved from other
■ income stages was changed in the middle of the year people
Such as

* People who have paid tax at 180000 yen or more a year old ( person receiving retirement pensions next fiscal year in October, from automatically, pension withheld the payment methods vary from.

40-year-old from the premiums of the 64-year-old No. 2 insured

Premium because it is calculated for each medical insurance that subscribe, please contact the Health Insurance Association, etc. that are subscribed. In addition, long-term care insurance premiums will be paid along with the medical insurance premiums.


Review is done every three years premium.
Also, if you did not pay a premium for no special reason, benefits will be limited by the non-payment situation.