Types of long-term care insurance and utilization

Home Services

Type The contents of the service
Home-visit care home-help service Care visitors home helpers visit the in-home consultation and advice, care care, eating, bathing, toileting, etc..
Home-visit care In-home visiting nurses, etc. the accessibility of medical care or medical treatment is required.
Visit rehabilitation Based on the order of a physician visit and in-home nurse, physical therapist, occupational therapist, etc., matters related to functional training.
Home-visit bathing care Visit to the bathing care.
Home care management guidance In-home visiting doctors, dentists, pharmacists, etc., for guidance on the treatment.
Day care ( daservice ) In the day care center, make meals, bathing and daily training, etc.
Day rehabilitation Hospitals and health care facilities, including the functional training, physical therapy and occupational therapy.
Short term residential service ( short stay ) Short period of time, in respite care facilities, including will care such as eating, bathing, toileting, care, daily living works training, etc.
Welfare equipment rental Make the rental of welfare equipment such as wheelchairs and beds.
Welfare equipment purchase expenses Seat toilet, bathing the paid purchase costs such as Chair.
An allowance of housing renovation Paid costs for small renovations, such as replacing the handrail or barrier.
Specific facility care Based on the service plans at facilities such as home for the aged, care-based senior ( patientmeals ) care, eating, bathing, toileting, etc its daily take care of ordinary life, care, daily living performed activities by training and medical care.
Short term residential care Public health facilities for the elderly, convalescent in short pieces then the facilities and at will take care of care, functional training, medical and other needs and on daily life, based on the order of a physician.
Common type of dementia Producers of Applied Life Care
(Dementia-capable group home)
Joint life dementia for guidance by the life support members living on homely environment in,Make the aid.
In-home care support About services and create long-term care service plan (care plans) in-home care support professional care ( caimonajor ), conduct liaison and coordination of service providers, etc..

Facilities services

Type The contents of the service
Special nursing homes for the elderly. The imprisoned those who need nursing care in the home, and in everyday life to always need care.
Care for the elderly care facility Hospital treatment than those who do not need, you need a functional training and care so that they can return to the home will be admitted.
Care Wellness medical facility If you need a care in the medical management under will be admitted for a long period of time.