How do I get long-term care insurance service

To service use by the applicant

Support and care when you need ...

Nursing care(Need assistance ) certification application Kyonan area, including South Center for support (TEL:50-1172Kyonan Town Health and Welfare Research Center in "good health" in)
Visitor survey Town officials etc ) ( investigator visited the home and the investigation, such as physical and mental conditions.
Primary decision... visitor survey results on my computer, and then make the decision.
Your doctor's opinion Your doctor ask to create opinion from a medical perspective, such as the situation of the disease.
Jury decision Nursing Certification Board by secondary judgment
Primary test results or care based on physician opinion, such as in the Certification Committee, how much care will determine what ( requiring assistance and care level classification ) as necessary.
Be recognized Certified results will be announced, and then determine the care level.
Accreditation is independent, requiring assistance 1.2 and requiring long-term care 1-5 of 8 is divided into stages. To be determined as well as services available to this classification determined the amount.
Although by in the long-term care insurance service towards independence ( non-applicable ) certification may be reflecting the town's health and human services, so for more information on saw-Cho regional comprehensive support centers please contact.
Creating a long-term care service plan (care plans) You can choose the services by users themselves and family members. You can to create its hope and mental and physical state in long-term care service plan (care plans) were, requests and consultations care support specialist ( caimonajor ).
To create a long-term care service plan (care plans), not user fees.
Contracts with service providers Based on the long-term care service plan (care plans) and service provider contracts.
Contract for sure receive sufficient explanation about the contract details.
Use of the service Along with nursing care service plan (care plans) will begin services.

Type of service, are divided into two broad service facilities and home service.
The person who has been identified as (requiring support does not allow you to use the facilities services.