We raise job support in Tateyama 2019 participation companies!,,ja,We are looking for companies in the Abo area that are short-handed companies and job seekers matching event participants.,,ja,[Organizer],,ja,[Event summary],,ja,Days and the first year of July 26 (Gold) 13:30 ~ 17:00,,zh-TW





日  時 令和元年7月26日(金)13:30~17:00
Meeting place Tateyama city community center (Tateyama city Hojo 740-1) first meeting room, display hall,,ja,Recruitment company 20 community level,,zh-TW,Description Individual interviews at each company booth,,ja,【Application (participating companies)】,,ja,How to apply Hello Work Tateyama Recruiting staff,,ja
募集企業 20社程度
内  容 各企業ブースでの個別面接など


申込方法 ハローワーク館山 求人係にて申込受付
Reception period Until May 14 (Tuesday),,ja,・ When participating in this event, it is necessary to submit a job offer form to HelloWork Tateyama.,,ja,・ About the company that has been submitted, please consider the job offer for this event "qualification · experience non-question" "age unquestioned" etc.,,ja

・ We plan to prepare company introduction materials individually.,,ja,・ In the case of a large number of applications, we will draw a lottery in consideration of industry, regional characteristics, etc.,,ja,Application, inquiry HelloWork Tateyama Recruiter,,ja,〒 294-0047 Tateyama-shi Yahata 815-2,,ja,TEL 0470-22-2236,,en


申込・問合せ ハローワーク館山 求人係
〒294-0047 館山市八幡815-2
TEL 0470-22-2236
FAX 0470-22-2241,en