Act on Productivity Improvement Special Measures Law,ja




For the Productivity Improvement Special Measures Law, please visit the Small Business Administration website.,,ja,Small and Medium Enterprise Agency homepage (another page),,ja,Basic plan for promoting introduction of sawan-machi,,ja,【Sawan-cho】 introduction promotion basic plan,,ja,· Target on labor productivity: to increase by 3% per year or more,,ja,· Target area: whole area of ​​town,,ja









· Target Industry · Business: All Business · All Industries,,ja,· Planning period of introduction promotion basic plan: three years from date of national consent (July 10),,ja,· Planned introduction plan for advanced equipment, etc.: 3 years, 4 years or 5 years,,ja,Fixed-asset tax exception rate in Saoran-cho,,ja





The exception rate of fixed asset tax by this system in sawamachi shall be zero for 3 years.,ja