Guidance for subsidies for seismic diagnosis for wooden houses,,ja,We will deliver subsidies within the budget for those who will perform seismic diagnosis of wooden houses owned by them for the purpose of improving the earthquake resistance of wooden houses highly dangerous such as collapse against earthquakes.,,ja,[Wooden houses to be covered],,ja




(1) To be a wooden house residing in the town.,,ja,(2) That it is not a housing that received grant based on this outline.,,ja,(3) Houses constructed or constructed before May 31, 1988, must be detached houses or combined housing.,,ja,(4) The number of ground level is 2 or less.,,ja




(5) "Evaluation of the seismic capacity of anyone who can do" (supervised by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Housing Department · Japan Building Disaster Prevention Association,,ja,As a result of diagnosis based on line), the total score should be 9 or less.,,ja,※ If you have any questions, please contact the construction environmental department of the Construction Water Supply Division.,,ja



※ご不明な点等ございましたら建設水道課 建設環境室へご連絡お願いします。


〇 Outline and application form,,ja,Konanamachi Wooden Housing Earthquake Resistant Diagnosis Subsidy Outline,,ja,Implementation plan,,ja,変 (suspension) recognition application,,zh-TW






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