About subsidy system for energy saving equipment for residential use,,ja,In order to promote global warming countermeasures at home, subsidies will be issued to people installing solar power generation systems, household fuel cell systems (Enefarm) and stationary lithium ion storage systems.,,ja


Subsidy amount,,ja,20,000 yen per 1 kw of solar power generation system (fractions of less than one thousand yen are rounded down) Upper limit 90,000 yen,,ja,Up to 80,000 yen per one home fuel cell system,,ja,Up to 100,000 yen per case for fixed lithium ion storage system,,ja,Housing installing auxiliary target equipment,,ja

太陽光発電システム 1kwあたり2万円(千円未満の端数は切り捨て) 上限9万円

The upper limit of 50,000 yen per household fuel cell system,,ja,Energy saving facility setting subsidy grant summary for Kyonanmachi housing,,ja

定置用リチウムイオン蓄電システム 1件あたり上限10万円


〇 Houses installing solar power generation systems must meet the following requirements.,,ja,1 The construction work has been completed by the day before the installation work for solar power generation system is started.,,ja,2 The following facilities are installed before the date of report to the town.,,ja,A,,ja

 1 太陽光発電システムの設置工事に着工する前日までに建築工事が完了していること。

 2 町への実績報告の日までに次のいずれかの設備が設置されていること。

(ア) エネルギー管理システム(HEMS)
Automatically measure the electricity usage of the entire house, etc., to "visualize" the energy, and the power of the equipment,ja

(Controller etc.) related to the control of the equipment has acquired the "ECHONET Lite" standard certification prescribed by the ECHONET Consortium of the general corporation.,,ja,A,,ja

(イ) 定置用リチウムイオン蓄電システム

It is equipped with a power conversion device such as a lithium-ion storage battery part (which means a storage battery that electrically supplies energy by oxidation and reduction of lithium ions) and an inverter, and electric power generated by renewable energy or nighttime,ja
Those that can store electricity repeatedly and can utilize electricity as necessary, such as at the time of a power outage or peak demand of electric power,,ja,, As a supplementary target equipment in the supplementary project to be implemented by the government since FY2013, the environment,,ja


It must be registered by co-creative initiative.,,ja,3 It must fall under any of the following.,,ja,A person who carries out supplementary business Housing located in a town owned and residential by himself.,,ja,A house owned by a third party, who carries out supplementary business Located in a town where the resident himself resides.,,ja

3 次のいずれかに該当すること。

  (ア) 補助事業を実施する者自らが所有し居住する町内に所在する住宅。

  (イ) 第三者が所有し、補助事業を実施する者自らが居住する町内に所在する住宅。

○ Houses installing energy-saving equipment etc. other than photovoltaic power generation facilities must meet one of the following requirements.,,ja,(A) Housing owned and resident,,ja,(A) A person owned by a third party and implementing supplementary business Housing residing by himself,,ja



(U) Housing newly built for himself to live,,ja,(E) House to purchase for himself to live,,ja,Energy conservation facility installation subsidy guidance outline,,ja,Grant application form (Form No. 1),,ja,Change application form (Form 3),,ja,Delivery application removal book (様 style fifth),,zh-TW,Performance report (Form No. 6),,ja


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Request for grant (Form No. 8),,ja,Approval application for facility disposal (Form No. 10),,ja,About home reform subsidy system,,ja