About sawan town water supply source protection ordinance,,ja,○ To protect our water supply source,,ja,In Saoran Town, "Water Supply Ordinance Protection Ordinance" has been established with the aim of preventing depletion and water pollution of water sources related to town-operated water supply, and to protect the lives and health of townspeople.,,ja,Sawanamachi Water Supply Water Source Protection Ordinance,,ja







○ What is a water source protected area,,ja,In the town, in order to protect the tap water source, the inflow range of the surface water of the sawama dam, the original name dam which is the water interest setting area based on the river law, which is permitted from Chiba prefecture to implement the town water supply, Water source protected area ".,,ja,Water Conservation Area,,zh-TW






○ Consultation is necessary in advance,,ja,The facility that is likely to cause exhaustion of the tap water source and water pollution is taken as the facility to be consulted, and business operators who intend to implement the target project within the water source protection area need to discuss with the town in advance.,,ja,The target projects that require consultation are as follows,,ja




1. Facilities that use water supply / drainage,,ja,2. Gravel sampling and rock sampling sites or similar facilities,,ja,3. Industrial waste disposal facility or facility for storing industrial waste,,ja,4. Specified facility prescribed in the Water Pollution Control Law,,ja




* The facilities already accepted by the upper law are excluded, so please check with your responsible in advance.,,ja,○ Review,,ja




Based on the consultation letter submitted by the business operator, concerning facilities affected on the tap water source as a result of survey and deliberation by the Konanamachi Environment Council concerning the influence on the amount of water source from the facility and the wastewater quality, It is judged that it is a regulated facility, and no one can install such facility.,ja


○ What you need for certification,,ja,1. Holding related citizen briefing sessions,,ja,2. Conclusion of agreement with related residents as necessary,,ja,3. Submit consultation document,,ja,4. Survey of employee's entry,,ja,○ Publication and penalties,,ja









We will make recommendation if we do not conduct prior consultation or do not hold a briefing session. The business name that does not conform to this may be announced.,,ja,Also, businesses who do not follow the cancellation order of the town may be punished by the ordinance.,,ja



○ Make extreme care when implementing the target project,,ja,Businesses that intend to implement the target projects should understand the purpose of this ordinance and cooperate so as not to deplete or pollute the tap water sources.,,ja